F5's iControl API and Software Development Kit

Jeff Browning

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To provide the best application performance, reliability, scalability, and security for J2EE applications, many large organizations utilize network load-balancing appliances and application switches. However, coordinating the deployment of applications between application developers and network managers can be a slow, painstaking process for companies choosing the many advantages of the network-based, load-balancing switches. By developing an application to manage the time-consuming coordination between these two teams, developers can self-serve their needs more quickly, network managers can save valuable time previously spent performing manual tasks, and companies can experience more flexible application deployment and updates. Budget-conscious IT departments can also save enormous amounts of scarce financial resources and time. On a network basis alone, conservati... (more)

Support, Social Technology, and Trust

As Don mentioned earlier this week, we took the plunge and entered Forrester's Groundswell contest. To me, I believe this is the ultimate testament to what you, the community, are doing on DevCentral everyday (check out this page - it's pretty cool). Back when we started this thing, it was simply to help folks learn how to tap into F5's groundbreaking iControl API. After asking users, we learned that folks needed some assistance getting started. Surprise, surprise - understanding terms like WSDL, SOAP, and related things were a bit new to F5's traditional users! With backgrounds ... (more)

v.10 – Finding the Edge (so you don’t have to)

If you haven’t heard about about the revolution underway,  you’re not paying attention. To get a running update of the cool new features in v.10, check out the fresh new v.10 spotlight page. Otherwise, read on. Here at DevCentral, you can count on (at least) three things: 1.) Our team is comprised of full-on geeks who are constantly trying to stretch our technology and challenge each other at the same time. 2.) We do out best to call it the way it is and as we see it. You bet your career and company on us so you deserve nothing less than the straight truth. 3.) If it relates to iRu... (more)

DevCentral MVP Summit Underway

Wow - an action packed morning already. The DevCentral MVPs, the DevCentral Team, as well as some F5 experts we're fortunate to have with us are all in Chicago today to talk about F5 technology and learn, share, and have some fun together. We kicked off the day with a great challenge led by F5er "L4L7" and jumped into a deep-dive about F5 hardware. After a quick break, we're talking application security. As we move along, we'll be posting updates including some details about the challenges (nothing like a little heathy competition, right?) as well as other insights. Stay tuned..... (more)

Secure Web Services

Businesses need to provide their users with a method for securely connecting to their networks while minimizing the costs associated with providing this service - and also providing end users with as much convenience as possible. As businesses embrace Web services as the method for delivering their applications, they are struggling with security issues. Network World recently reported that the top worry for IT executives deploying Web services is security. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) can provide a viable alternative to Virtual Private Networking (VPN) companies for securing Web ser... (more)